Project Moonshot

I really hope this page will be more interesting than the name sounds.

Today is Janary 1st, 2018 and I decided to take pictures of the SuperMoon. So I setup my tripod outside my front door, and gathered my camera kit.

I have several camera bodies (cameras) with different capabilities and various lenses and lens adapters. I wanted to do some testing with the most common ones I use today. Specifically my

  • Sony Alpha a6000
  • Sony Alpha a390
  • SEL-55210 KIT lens
  • Sony LA-EA2 A Mount Lens to E Mount body adapter (with PDAF and Focus Motor)
  • Minolta AF Zoom 75-300

Here are the images I took. The Kit Combinations, Settings and Focal distance will be in the description, along with the Focal Length. Just click the images for detail.

What I find interesting is that the file size/dimensions of the 1-1 cropped photos, for the a6000 at 210mm is nearly indistinguishable from the a390 at 300mm. Meaning that I might not need the bulk of the a390 with it’s in body stabilization to get the 300mm range as when you crop the 14pm a390 image and the 24.3mp a6000 image close to the same size (trying to make the moon the same position and size) they reach the same detail and file dimensions.

However the file dimensions for the a6000 using the Minolta lens and the LA-EA2 is optically superior… The only issues being the a6000 has no in-body stabilization and the Minolta lens isn’t optically stabilized so you REALLY need to use it at full focal distance with a tripod.

What are your thoughts? Did you think it would be the same?

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